The UBCDS recognizes local primary and secondary schools in BC as an integral part of the debate community and an ideal setting for young debaters to begin, train, and compete. We strive to make high-level debate financially accessible, to encourage excellence, and to build a supportive community.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are working hard towards three main initiatives:

  1. The creation, compilation, and free distribution of resources (in the form of information packages and documents) to start a debate club and run one, with plenty of training and development materials.

  2. The establishment of free trainings and practice tournaments in preparation for major competitive tournaments – namely the UBC Fall High School Tournament, Regional Qualifiers for the Law Foundation Cup Provincial Championship, and the Law Foundation Cup Provincial Championship itself. The latter two are run by the Debate and Speech Association of British Columbia. 

  3. The successful iterations of our major grade school tournaments – the Fall and Spring High School Tournaments, and our two summer tournaments- UBC EST and Summer HST.

We invite all teachers, coaches, administrators, parents, and students to all take part in our community. Please join our mailing list at the bottom of this page; email is our primary point of contact and how we will send out important information.

High School Tournaments

The Fall High School Tournament happens in early November and is one of the largest in North America. This tournament is highly competitive and is fantastic practice for students who are sharpening their skills for the upcoming debate season. With five rounds across two days, the UBCDS strives to create a learning environment for every level of debater who registers. Anyone is welcome to apply, as long as you have a partner and a school to represent.

The Spring High School Tournament happens in early April. Much like Fall HST, there will be five rounds across two days. This tournament is good practice for students who want to focus on learning debate and honing fundamental skills. As with the above, anyone is welcome to apply as long as you are a team of two.

The Summer High School Tournaments happens in late August. This is the smallest of our high school tournaments, designed to allow debaters to continue practicing their skills over summer break and receive detailed feedback from our qualified UBCDS volunteers. Once again, anyone with a partner and school to represent is welcome to apply.

Elementary School Tournaments

Each year we host one tournaments for local elementary school students in early May. This is the perfect tournament for young debaters just beginning their public speaking careers. All debaters grades 4-7 may apply, as long as you have a partner and school to represent.


Please contact our High School Outreach Coordinator, Jacqueline Belzberg at highschool@ubcdebate.com