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UBCDS at the 2019 USU Western Regional Championships

UBCDS at the 2019 USU Western Regional Championships

UBCDS and Competition

The UBCDS competes across Canada as well as internationally. While we subsidize our members’ flights to select tournaments, they are always welcome to represent us to any competition they chose to self-fund to.  We belong to a Canadian debate circuit known as CUSID (Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate), but also attend tournaments in US circuits.  Although most of our travels are to North American cities, the Society does fund our top debaters to the World University Debate Championships (WUDC), which is held in a different country each year, most recently: Greece, South Africa, and this year, Thailand.

Funding to more competitive tournaments is allocated based on multiple factors, including contributions to the club, perceived competitiveness, and our Points system. The Points system ranks your past tournament performance, and based on applications and rankings we give funding. For more information on tournament selection/funding, click here.

UBCDS and Community

The UBCDS hopes to make accessible the unique combination of public speaking, quick thinking, and teamwork that our sport develops to anyone who wants to tap into it. We strive to create an impact in the community around us, both on and off campus.

On campus, our training sessions are open to all, so that anyone can drop in to learn a little bit about debate. Additionally, we visit classrooms to host free debate workshops for multiple programs, such as the CSP (Coordinated Science Program). This is in an effort to foster key public speaking skills in students of all faculties. We also host multiple campus events, like Speaker Series and Clink n Clash, to promote better campus culture and create fun opportunities for all members of the UBC community.

Outside of campus, the UBCDS strives to have a positive influence on our community by fostering a love of debate in our youth. We host numerous tournaments for both high school and elementary levels, but also volunteer to provide coaching resources for young debaters in the area. For more information on our high school outreach, click here.

A shot from one of our many meetings, open to all students!

A shot from one of our many meetings, open to all students!

Drop in Anytime!


We meet twice every week: Tuesdays @ 5:00pm and Fridays @ 4:00pm- both located in BUCH A203. Meetings are open to all, no matter your skill level and no matter how late in the year! We look forward to seeing you there!