While there are numerous tournaments across North America one can attend, the UBCDS picks those which we consider to be most valuable and fund debaters to attend and develop their skills. This often includes protected spots for novices and pro-ams, in an effort to give debaters of all levels an opportunity to compete.

Funding for tournaments is decided on a variety of factors, including contributions to the club, perceived competitiveness, and the Points system. Specifics on how these debaters and judges are selected can be found in our funding policy linked below.

If you would like to apply for funding for an upcoming tournament, the general application is linked below. Updates for available funding slots will be advertised via the email newsletter and Facebook group, so be sure to stay connected to those as well (both of which can be found under the ‘Contact’ tab of this site).

A full list of tournaments and other events can be found in the ‘Calendar’ tab of this site.