2019-20 Executive Team


President: Aidan Wilson

As a Political Science and History double major, Aidan has always been passionate about fostering open discussion and debate. As President, Aidan wishes to strengthen UBCDS’ prominence both at UBC and in the larger North American debating scene, by broadening the club’s membership and fostering greater debate talent. Aidan is also involved in the greater UBC community as a student member at large of the AMS’ Operations committee.

If you have any questions, please contact him at president@ubcdebate.com


VP External: Jade Zhong

Jade is a third year in the Integrated Sciences program, integrating Computer Science and Neuroimmunology. Outside of debate, she is currently working on projects in a microbiology lab, looking for antibiotics and testing antibiotic resistance. She is most looking forward to seeing how last year’s novices will continue to improve and continuing to develop community bonds during our social events.

If you have any questions, please contact her at vpexternal@ubcdebate.com


VP Internal: Evelyn Kim

Evelyn is a second year majoring in Psychology and minoring in Law & Society. She is also involved in the UBC Mental Health Network, serving as the Symposium Co-Coordinator. Evelyn joined exec to continue facilitating the wonderful community that welcomed her in and made her first year experience so incredible. She is most looking forward to meeting next year’s novices and seeing how the club will continue to flourish and grow.

If you have any questions, please contact her at vpinternal@ubcdebate.com


Training Director: Noah Macdonald

Noah is a second year planning to study Honours Philosophy and Political Science. His involvements in debate go beyond the UBCDS; he is the current VP West for CUSID (The Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate). When not practicing or coaching debate, Noah tries to spend his time climbing, hiking, or skiing. Noah can't wait to help the UBCDS develop as a team in his role as Training Director.

If you have any questions, please contact him at training@ubcdebate.com


VP Finance: Jenaya Copithorne

Jenaya is a fourth-year majoring in International Relations. She currently works as an administrative assistant to the director of fitness programs at UBC Recreation. Jenaya joined the UBCDS exec team in order to give back to the debate community, and to help the club fulfill its potential as a platform for providing the broader UBC community with valuable public speaking and debate skills. She is looking forward to welcoming next year’s novices and continuing to support the club’s pros as they move forward in pursuit of their competitive goals.

If you have any questions, please contact her at vpfinance@ubcdebate.com


VP Operations: Dylan Sigurdson

Dylan is a fourth year Political Science major. Outside of debate, he enjoys cooking, reading and fitness. Dylan joined exec to give back to a club he has been a part of since first year. He looks forward to ensuring that UBC Debate continues to host great tournaments.

If you have any questions, please contact him at vpoperations@ubcdebate.com


Events & Marketing: Alex Gagne

Alex is a second year in the Bachelor of International Economics program, and is also involved with the Vancouver School of Economics Undergraduate Society as the Junior Representative. He joined exec to help recruit new debaters to this enriching activity, as well as to expand the role UBCDS plays on campus through exciting events. He is most looking forward to the fun trips and tournaments planned for next year.

If you have any questions, please contact him at eventsandmarketing@ubcdebate.com



Diversity Officer (female-identifying): Charlotte Gilby

Diversity Officer (non-female identifying): Noam Harris

High School Outreach Coordinator: Jacqueline Belzberg

Novice Representative: To be elected in the fall!


Previous Executive

2018-19 Exec


President: Adrian Lask (Emeritus: Nathan Schwarz-Lee); VP External: Alice Jones; VP Internal: Sophie Thornton; VP Finance: Swapna Prakash; VP Operations: Devon Wang; VP Marketing: Madura Katta; Training Director: Akash Uppal; Chair of Debates: Sarah Thomas; Diversity Officer: Olivia Stein; Communications Director: Corina Picui; Novice Representative: Noah Macdonald


2017-18 Exec


President: Lewis Dillman; VP External: Dena Tabyanian; VP Internal: Charlotte Gilby; VP Finance: Gozal Farrokh; VP Operations: Nathan Schwarz-Lee; VP Marketing: Daniel Liu; Training Director: Archie Stapleton; Chair of Debates: Vasu Jalan; Diversity Officer: Lucia Zhang (Emeritus: Zeynep Fattah); Communications Director: Sophie Thornton; Novice Representative: Akash Uppal


2016-17 Exec


President: Garion Hicks; VP External: Dena Tabyanian; VP Internal: Caroline Li; VP Finance: Lewis Dillman; VP Marketing: Linda Huang; Training Director: Grant Bradshaw; Chair of Debates: Zeynep Fattah; Communications Director: Masao Dahlgren; Operations Director: Tariq Vira (Emeritus: Yashwant Parmar); Novice Representative: Matthew Araneta


2015-16 Exec


President: Conor McGurk; VP External: Dena Tabyanian; VP Internal: Fraser McGee; VP Finance: Amrun Rana; VP Marketing: Pia Lim; Training Director: Connor Stewart Hunter; Chair of Debates: Garion Hicks; Communications Director: An-te Chu; Novice Representative: Masao Dahlgren