Alumni Committee

The UBCDS Alumni Committee is made up of five graduated members that are voted each year at the Winter Reunion. Their main objective is to serve as a way for alumni to maintain positive and rewarding connections with each other. To accomplish this goal, the Committee hosts regular Alumni Reunion events!

Stay updated on when these events are happening through the Facebook group or by signing up for the mailing list, both of which are linked below. If you would like to get in contact with the Committee, feel free to contact them on the Facebook group or by sending an email to

Ways to Contribute

Looking for ways that you can continue to support UBCDS? Here are a couple of options that would really help us out! If you would like to pursue one of these routes, or have your own idea for a contribution, please fill out the contact form below.



One thing that is a constant battle for the UBCDS is funding! Any donation helps us maximize the number of opportunities available for our debaters. If you would like to allocate your donation to a specific group (ex. novices, non-male identifying individuals, a certain tournament, etc.), you have the option to specify while donating. If not, we will use the money wherever it is most needed!

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Content Sessions

One of the greatest things about debate is the community of shared knowledge that arises from it. If you have a particular topic or skill that you would like to lead a training session on, we would love to here about it! You can submit a response to the form below and we will get you in contact with our Training Director, Noah Macdonald.


Got your own suggestion for ways you can contribute? Contact us below!

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