On behalf of the UBC Debate Society, I am very excited to invite you to the 3rd annual West Coast Novice Championships! It will be held on Saturday, October 21st and Sunday, October 22nd at the University of British Columbia, located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. Further information and a schedule are provided below. Please email wcnc2017@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.


Gozal Farrokh
Tournament Director


Please note: if for any reason you are unable to download the invite above or the file does not work for you, the information from the invite has been added below. Registration links have been provided below for your convenience, though you may find them in the invite as well if needed.


The WCNC will be in British Parliamentary style, with standard WUDC rules, with the exception that we will be using 5 minute speaking times (with 30 seconds protected time). There will be five rounds with a break to semi-finals. A style guide will be posted closer to the tournament date.



8:00 am Breakfast

8:15 am Briefing

8:45 am Roll call

9:00 am Round 1

10:00 am First Training Session

10:30 am Roll call

10:45 am Round 2

11:45 am Lunch served, Second Training Session

1:00 pm Roll call

1:15 pm Round 3

2:15 pm Third Training Session

2:45 pm Roll Call

3:00 pm Round 4

7:30 pm Banquet

9:00 pm Social


8:30 am Breakfast

9:15 am Roll call

9:30 am Round 5

11:00 am Semi-final

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Final

3:30 pm Awards


We will be accepting registration through the following form (http://bit.ly/wcnc2017). Registration is open from now until 6:00pm Friday, October 20th, 2017. Please have all debaters register together as a school. All novice BP debaters, and any BP debaters who have debated in the style for less than 2 years and have not attended a novice tournament shall be allowed to compete at this tournament. A novice tournament is defined as a tournament exclusively attended by other novices. If you have never competed at a BP tournament, regardless of year, you qualify for BP novice status. If you have any questions, contact us at wcnc2017@gmail.com.


Chief Adjudicator

Reid Marcus

Top Speaker and Finalist UBC IV 2015

Top Speaker Portland State IV 2014

Deputy Chief Adjudicators


In order to ensure the best judging possible, WCNC will have a n/2 judging requirement, rounded up (1 judge for every 2 teams, rounded up). Experienced judges, those who have broken at a tournament as a debater or judge, will count as two.

We are happy to make exceptions for teams coming out of province. Please direct questions about experienced judges or any other matters to Gozal at wcnc2017@gmail.com.


We will be offering optional training sessions throughout the tournament, each hosted by qualified, competitive debaters. The discussions will be centered on motions debated at the tournament, dissecting interesting arguments and strategy. This is often the most valuable aspect of the tournament to developing debaters, and attendance is highly encouraged.


Team cost




There will be an uncovered judge fee of $100 per uncovered team for schools that are unable to provide judges, and that have not made prior arrangements with the TD. If you are attending this tournament from outside BC, allowances, including reduced registration and judging requirements, may be made upon request. Contact us at wcnc2017@gmail.com if your school requires such arrangements.


There will be two equity officers for this tournament, who will be announced at a later date.


UBC would be happy to provide billeting on a first come, first served basis. Billeting requests should be sent in with registration. For questions or concerns about billeting, please contact Gozal and you will be redirected to our billeting director.


Breakfast, lunch, and a banquet dinner will be provided on Saturday, as well as breakfast and a lunch on Sunday. There will be a vegetarian option for all meals at the tournament. If you have a more specific dietary restriction, please include it as designated in the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate it. If you have any concerns, please notify Gozal and your concerns will be directed to our foods director.


On Saturday Night we will be hosting a banquet and large welcome social for all new novices and out of town debaters, courtesy of the UBCDS. Location TBA.