There are many debate tournaments across North America which you can attend – we pick those which we consider valuable, and fund debaters of all levels to attend and develop their skills. In addition, some tournaments have some of their debater spots protected for Novices. If you wish to apply to be funded, simply go to the ‘Apply’ tab and select which tournament you wish to be funded to. If want to know how debaters and judges are selected, you can refer to the ‘Tournament Funding Policy.’ Members of the UBCDS can access in the Internal Discussions Facebook Group. If you have any questions, you can contact

2017-2018 Tournaments


Access Fund

If you are experiencing financial hardship and require aid, the UBCDS has an Access Fund. Applicants may submit the following information, at the time of tournament application, to to be considered for financial assistance:

1) What additional expenses will this funding be used for beyond those covered by UBCDS funding?

2) How will this additional funding allow you to contribute more to UBCDS moving forward?

3) Please include a statement of interest outlining your personal financial circumstance.
The Access Fund Policy (which UBCDS Members can access in the Internal Discussions Facebook Group)  provides more information regarding what the Committee looks for in regards to whether to provide additional funding. We highly encourage applicants to take a look at the section themselves and add in any other information they think is important for us to consider during the decision process.

If you have additional questions, you can refer them to