The UBCDS wants to develop our relationships with all those around us.  For students, we hold semi-weekly training sessions and regular public events (all posted on our calendar).

If you are interested in our High School Outreach Program or either of our high school tournaments, please visit our High School page. We do our best to help local high schools develop their skills and compete at any level they are comfortable with.

If you have graduated and are looking to reconnect with us, please visit our Alumni page.  We are always happy to reconnect with others who have been helped by the Society and invite you to send us an email and come to any of our events or socials.

If you are looking to enter a working relationship with us, please visit our Corporate page.  The Society has a wide reach through our members and is an excellent opportunity for sponsorship.

If you are another UBC club looking to partner with us, please email Garion Hicks, our Chair of Debates at