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General Information

We are pleased to be hosting the UBC Debate Society’s 2016 High School Tournament. We are excited to offer an unparalleled competitive and educational experience for new and seasoned debaters alike. Key details and dates for the tournament are listed below:

  • Tournament Dates: Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th
  • Location: UBC Main Campus
  • Registration Fee: $100 per team
  • Registration Dates: Opens October 15th and closes November 2nd
  • Team Cap: 6 teams per school
  • Judging Requirement: One judge per two teams
  • Note: There will be a modification to the senior tournament called Break+ see below for details


Senior (Grades 11 and 12)

The senior category of the tournament will be conducted in British Parliamentary style using five-minute speeches. There will be two impromptu rounds on Friday, and three impromptu rounds on Saturday followed by an impromptu semi-final and final. A written guide to British Parliamentary debate will be provided by email prior to the tournament, and experienced UBC debaters will conduct a briefing explaining how to debate in BP style before the tournament begins. Break+ This is an exciting change to our Fall HST this year. As we all know, it is logistically impossible for the break to be expanded for this tournament. So this year we will be inviting the top 8 teams that do not break at the seniors tournament to UBC in January and February to participate in special rounds for further developmental training. These rounds will take place on UBC campus once a week. Details such as days and times will be worked out once the top 8 teams that can attend are determined.

Seniors Debaters Package


Junior (Grades 8 through 10)

The junior category of the tournament will be conducted in Canadian National Debate Format, using standard junior speaking times (six-minute constructive). A guide to CNDF will be provided by email prior to the tournament, and UBC debaters will conduct a briefing on how to debate in CNDF before rounds begin. Two prepared rounds on topic one will take place on Friday, and two prepared rounds on topic two and one impromptu round on Saturday, followed by an impromptu final related to topic one.

After the junior final, all are invited to stay to watch the senior final. The topics for the prepared rounds will be:

1. This House would allow doctors to prescribe placebos
2. This House believes that post-conflict states should not allow revolutionary leaders to stand for election

Juniors Debater Package



We will be accepting registration on our form ( link ) beginning at noon on October 15th up until 11:59pm on November 2ndth. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and each school may register six teams until our total team cap is reached. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all schools’ requests for teams, and therefore suggest that you register as soon as possible after registration opens.
Schools that would like to register more than six teams should indicate this when they
register, and should more spots remain available after registration has closed, we will
allocate those spots to waitlisted teams. Waitlist registration will be accepted at this
form ( link )

Each school, upon signing in at the tournament, must pay the registration fees of $100
per team either in cash or as a cheque made payable to “UBC Debate Society”.

You may also email the Tournament Director at to arrange another payment method if necessary.

Judging Requirement

Debate tournaments rely on having sufficient numbers of judges in order to run smoothly. As such, we require that schools provide one judge for every two teams they register. Every judge at the tournament will be provided with a judging guide, and a judging briefing explaining how to judge debates will be conducted prior to the beginning of rounds. Judges can be anyone who is over 18. Think of parents or guardians, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, family friends, former students, etc. Schools that have concerns about their ability to meet the judging requirement are urged to contact the Tournament Director at as early as possible. The earlier we are made aware of concerns, the more we can do to address them. We strongly encourage all adults present to participate in the tournament as judges. Those adults who elect not to judge and who are not coaches or chaperones representing a school will be charged an observer fee of $15 in order to allay the costs associated with providing meals throughout the two days of the tournament.

Seniors Judges Package           Juniors Judges Package



We will provide meals for debaters, judges and coaches, including dinner on Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Vegetarian options will be available, and we will do our best to accommodate other dietary restrictions or provide a discount on registration provided that we are made aware of them.


Please direct all questions to


Masao Dahlgren
Tournament Director, UBC Debate Society