The UBCDS provides support to the local high schools through our High School Outreach Program (HSOP) and two tournaments, one during fall and the other during spring.

If you are in need of a coach, wanting for a workshop, or simply need a crash course in debate and public speaking, then please email our HSOP coordinator, Ho Mathew Yiu-Chung, at . Mathew will send you resources to build a debate team, training tools to keep them in shape, and try his best to find a UBC debater to coach you.

The Fall High School Tournament happens in early November and is one of the largest in North America.  This tournament is highly competitive and is fantastic practice for students who are sharpening their skills for the upcoming debate season. With five rounds across two days, the UBCDS strives to create a learning environment for every level of debater who registers.  Anyone is welcome to apply, as long as you have a partner and a school to represent.

The Spring High School Tournament happens in early April.  This tournament is newer and is good practice for students who want to focus on learning debate and honing fundamental skills. As with the above, anyone is welcome to apply as long as you are a team of two.