How do I apply for tournament funding?

Whatever your level of skill, you can apply for tournaments here. By attending our meetings or reading our weekly emails, we will notify you when new tournaments applications open.

How much funding?

The executive allocates a certain portion of our budget to every tournament we think is worth our money. For the most part, the executive generally tries to make our level of funding roughly equivalent to total travel costs, leaving funded debaters having to pay for housing and tournament registration fees only. 

What if I don’t get funding?

You can still attend most tournaments without receiving funding! With the exception of a few high caliber tournaments like WUDC, most tournaments have no cap on attendance. If you are willing to pay to attend a tournament, you can represent UBC!

How do we decide on who gets funding?

All tournaments are distributed into a tier, 1-4. The executive votes on selection committees, who then read through applications and determine who they feel is most fit to receive funding.

Tier 1 and 2 tournaments are considered “competitive”, and funding is distributed largely based on our Points system. For tier 3 and 4 tournaments, more factors are taken into account. Selection committees will look at how to maximize travel opportunities, commitment to the society, and potential to improve.

In rare occasions, the executive can vote to retroactively change the tier of a tournament for the purposes of the points system. 

How does our Points system work?

Points are an objective ranking system that takes into account your team and personal ranking at up to three tournaments. These rankings are all accumulated to create one number, your “Points”.  For each tournament performance, you are given more points based on the tier of the tournament (higher the tier, the more points you receive), and how far into the “out-rounds” your team made it (Did you make it into the quarter finals? The semi finals? The finals?). The Points system will only look at your three highest-scoring tournaments – those that give you the most Points. Only tournaments from the previous and current academic year are counted for the Points system – if you stop debating, you’ll lose your points!

If you competed in university level debate elsewhere, not representing UBC, you can still get Points for your performance, as long as you can show tabs of the tournament you had attended.

For more details or questions regarding our tournament selections process, please email