Meeting Times and Places

Meetings have ceased for the summer, but we have once again joined up with SFU Debate to host summer meetings!

Please join us at SFU Harbour Centre on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6pm. Room 2925!

Regular meetings have three primary purposes:
1. To relay debate news
2. To run training sessions to improve everyone’s debating skills
3. To practice by holding debate rounds.
Of course, implicit in all three of those is that you’ll hang around with people, like yourself, who have an interest in debate.

Meetings are open to any person who walks in the door–literally anyone and everyone under the sun. Experience is not required. People who want to get many different things from debate (speaking skills, competitive success, English language skills, friendships, pleasure, intellectual exercise, a good looking EC for your resume, etc.) are all equally important to our club dynamic. Ultimately we don’t care what you want in life, we are just enthused that the UBCDS can help you obtain it. You can drop in at any time during the year that you have time; there are no commitments. Meetings are pretty much informal. We like to joke around a bit, chat a bit and enjoy ourselves. We try to find a balance between getting things done and having fun.

Workshops generally start out quite rudimentary, and will cover topics like ‘how to debate in BP style’ and ‘how to model a university level case.’ We have an elected executive member whose specific role is to design and conduct these workshops. Practice rounds take place after announcements and the workshop. People who want to debate will be divided into rooms and will debate with partners you choose or we can semi-randomly select pairings. Generally we have judges but we won’t, for the most part, during the first few weeks as people get accustomed to their abilities.

Also, check out our Facebook group!