For over a century, the UBC Debate Society has been a lively, competitive club dedicated to the art of debating and persuasive speaking. We offer students a wide variety of debating experiences, ranging from the casual ‘once-in-a-while’ speaker to the internationally competitive debater.

Your UBCDS experience is really what you make of it. In addition to offering an abundance of training resources, opportunities to practice, memorable (and subsidized!) competitions, we are both very social and inclusive.

New Debaters

As a new debater, the best way to get involved is to attend our bi-weekly meetings where each meeting we provide training seminars and engage in practice debates. We’ll also keep you updated on what tournament opportunities, events, and socials are coming up!

On Tuesdays our meetings are at 5 PM at BUCH D316. On Fridays our meetings are at 4 PM at BUCH D314.

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